Our company policy

We are one team

Compliance is the observance of laws, regulations, and instructions. This compliance guideline applies to our company. It describes the principles of behavior of all employees (whether male, female or diverse).


We all take personal responsibility for our own actions. Each of us should know that our activities can and will effect the well-being of everyone else. Everyone must therefore carry their own responsibility. Work safety is very important to us and consequently everyone should not only look after themselves, but also their colleagues.

The protection and the promotion of health are proactive and therefore effective, sustainable instruments of employee care. As such, they are an integral part of our personnel policy and firmly anchored in our overall company policy. Protecting and promoting health involves much more than simply preventing accidents or illness.


WE’VE GOT IT COVERED means that we will form and shape our ideas, solutions and actions so that, from the beginning the results will meet and exceed our customers’ demands and expectations. Our initial task is not just to manufacture products but understand our customers’ needs.


We want to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to us. Our material assets - machines, plant and buildings – are subject to checks and inspections to ensure smoothest possible operation and consequently provide the basis for trouble-free production that takes into account all quality, safety and environmental aspects. All our actions and activities outside our company are in line with our values and principles.


We endeavor to treat our suppliers and their employees with fairness. In selecting our suppliers and in negotiations with them about the products they purchase, we attach great importance to all matters relevant to quality, work safety and the environment. Compliance with all aspects relevant to the law is a prerequisite for a good business relationship.


We serve numerous different markets at home and abroad. The price/performance ratio of our products should always be one step ahead of our competitors. In our manufacturing operations, we attach great importance to consistent quality, environmentally friendly production processes and the maintenance of work safety regulations.

Environment / energy

We are very conscious of the effects our actions have on our environment. That’s why we use all our resources sparingly, especially natural resources, and do our best to keep these effects to a minimum. We constantly check the raw materials we use to ensure the lowest possible risk for people and the environment and keep the use of hazardous substances to a minimum. We consider tidiness, cleanliness, and an orderly appearance to be important for all our buildings, production sites, and machines and together make sure that is always the case.

Today, energy consumption is a more important factor in our actions than ever before. Consequently, whenever new investments are made, we take care to ensure cost-effective and efficient solutions are found. Existing machines and equipment are also monitored and evaluated to ensure their energy efficiency, as this cuts costs and saves resources. And an energy team regularly checks energy consumption. Our goal is to constantly improve our environmental and energy-related performance, as far is reasonable and within the scope of economic feasibility.

The REGUPOL Compliance Directive should be the basic order of our conduct. This includes rules for our behaviour within REGUPOL Holding GmbH  and outside of our customers, suppliers and business partners.

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